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Safety, security, and peace of mind.

Once per quarter, we'll check in on your site and ensure that it is running smoothly, and optimally. We'll update WordPress and plugins, check that ample security is in place, and check all functionality.




Plugin updates



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Digital Strategy

What's involved?

  • Review of website to check functionality, detect any possible page/content errors
  • Review of the site back-end, for errors, prompts, updates, etc.
  • Ensure that proper site security measures are in place
  • Conduct a full site file and database backup
  • Update WordPress to the latest version
  • Update all plugins being employed on the site in question
  • If any plugins cannot be updated, we will make note and circle back with you for discussion

Note: In the case of third-party plugins being used to add functionality within WordPress, there may be an annual licensing fee involved to obtain updates for the software in question. Those fees will vary and are not included in our maintenance package fee.


Our team is here to help!

We will have regular contact with you throughout the process and as always, we are here to help when you need us.


Interested in more?

Quarterly plan

Once per quarter, Digital Chaos will perform a review of your website, upgrade its software, and ensure that everything is running optimally.

$250 / Quarter

Monthly plan

Depending on the needs of your website and the software behind it, Digital Chaos will perform a more-frequent monthly review and update schedule. Our most thorough plan! And, at a reduced price.

$200 / Month

Custom plan

Have a different frequency in mind (ex. twice per year, annually)? Or does your site have special requirements, such as the need for a staging site? In any capacity that is needed, we will update your site with a frequency and methodology that works best for you and your website.